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Eva-Martha Larsson

I am driven by a great curiosity and passion for the Art of Living. In my childhood I was always amazed by nature, an amazement that I still experience every day as I spend time in nature with my camera. Nature gave me as a child so much healing as I explored its mystery and magic.

I have had the fortune to experience many different countries and cultures in my life. I grew up in Sjötofta, lived a year in Ulricehamn near the beach of Åsunden before I moved to Gothenburg in the late 70's. In the early 80's, my curiosity about the world and desire for adventure made me cross the ocean and move to a heavenly beautiful place; a farm outside Wimbledon where Churchill once lived. At this place, new doors opened and I was filled by hope and a feeling that  anything was possible! I worked as a gardener, private driver and arranged parties among lots of things. In England I also fell in love with a cricket- and tennis playing Aussie. He convinced me that I would love the world Down Under and soon I found myself on my way to Australia, a decision I have never regret.  This country made me blossom and in Australia I also learned how to truly live life to the full.

My life has been filled with both highs and lows, but overall very high-coloured. In the mid 90's I returned to Sweden and received the gift of being the mother of two lovely sons. Still it was a challenge to return back home since I so enjoyed being out in the world. I then decided to open my door to the world and let the world come to me instead; thus I opened my home to bed and breakfast guests. My B&B has created an endless line of lovely friends and valuable meetings that have been very precious.

Seven years ago I started my training in Psychosynthesis and Symbol Therapy to become a therapist; a long and exciting inner journey. During those years, I found that the more I explore the life of humans, animals and Mother Earth, the more captured and amazed by its beauty I become. The enchantment has made the camera my companion in this quest for fascination and zest of life as I spend as much time as possible in Nature.

In Australia I learned the importance of giving and sharing. The camera has become my diary by which I want to share the experiences of my day, especially my encounters with Nature. My deepest wish is to inspire others to explore the beauty that is all around us; a daily source of fascination and enchantment...

Eva-Martha Larsson

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